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Bloomberg News: The Truth Behind Hidden Fees

“Bloomberg’s Mike Schneider reports on the hidden fees that are eroding the value of 401(k) retirement accounts. Some 78 million Baby Boomers will be heading into retirement this year, many dependent on their 401(k) plans. What many will learn, according to the AARP, is the average balance for Boomers nearing retirement is $60,000, due in part to hidden fees that can, over a lifetime of savings, skim off more than half of a 401(k) investor’s potential returns.”

If what you thought to be true about your 401(k) turned out to be false…wouldn’t you want to know?
We offer one-on-one 401(k) counseling in which we will go through your 401(k) plan and explain what fees you are currently paying. At this counseling meeting we will get to the bottom of your 401(k) plan and determine a course of action for limiting these hidden fees.
Contact us to schedule an appointment and we’ll work together to minimize these hidden fees.