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04/06/2015 – Fed Speaks Sparks Rally
04/20/2015 – Strong Profit Season
05/12/2015 – Spring Thaw April Retail Sales
07/07/2015 – Show Me the Money
06/09/2014 – Iconic Stock Index Closes in on 17000


08/25/2014 – S&P 500 tops 2K — but can’t close above it


07/04/2014 – Dow Tops 17000 for First Time, still more room to bear

02/19/2014 – Markets shake off chill, but hazards remain
05/28/2014 – Investors content to be bystanders

1/22/2013 USA Market due for a pullback or correction?
1/8/2013 Market awaits earnings
1/3/2013 Women’s Wear Daily Retail stocks post solid 2012
12/14/2012 Fiscal cliff will be resolved
10/22/2012 Earnings and more earnings
10/4/2012 Economic data, Fed cause for hope
9/6/2012 Wall Street Journal Stocks reach market highs
8/22/2012 Fed decision looms near
8/2/2012 ECB comes up with nothing
7/30/2012 Stocks await ECB, July jobs report
7/17/2012 Coke gives market some fizz
6/26/2012 Fox Investors look to EU Summit
6/11/2012 Market Stocks sag over Spain’s bailout
6/6/2012 Wall Street Journal Stocks gain little traction
5/22/2012 Market Markets fixated on Greece, again
4/27/2012 Market S&P 500 holds 1,400
4/11/2012 Market Alcoa kicks off earnings
4/10/2012 USA Today Profits put to the test
4/5/2012 CNN Stocks wary come April
3/12/2012 Barron’s Tech still looks good
3/12/2012 Markets steady before Fed meeting
3/8/2012 USA Today Stocks three years off bottom
2/6/2012 CNN Techs starting to move
2/1/2012 USA Today Off and Running
1/25/2012 Market Apple drives rally
1/3/2012 USA Today First day pop
1/3/2012 CNBC 2012 Outlook
12/20/2011 CNN Muddle through Europe
10/31/2011 Market More tricks than treats
10/24/2011 Reuters Stocks break on upside of range
10/14/2011 Apple and McDonalds report
10/3/2011 USA Today Greek crisis flares up
9/26/2011 Hidden gems
9/3/2011 Barron’s (print edition) Stocks stuck in trading range
8/30/2011 Late August bounce
8/29/2011 Stocks push higher
8/21/2011 Andrew Leckey column Riding out the storm
8/16/2011 Channel News Asia Google deal provides spark
8/9/2011 Treasuries rally
8/8/2011 Women’s Wear Daily Debt downgrade impact
7/28/2011 Debt deadline looms
7/6/2011 Chicago Tribune Weak Jobs data weighs on Market
7/1/2011 Reuters Stocks surge
6/29/2011 AFP News Greece austerity passes
6/19/2011 Andrew Leckey column Position for second half rally
6/14/2011 Stocks move up; intra-day quote
6/13/2011 CNN QE3?
5/20/2011 Stocks look to break slide
5/17/2011 The Economic Times HP in a rut
5/12/2011 Calgary Herald Apple looking for content
5/7/2011 Barron’s (print edition) Move to quality; Bin Laden killed
5/3/2011 CNN Want a new drug?
4/25/2011 Profits to fade?
4/18/2011 S&P downgrades debt outlook
4/6/2011 Dow Jones News (FactSet) Non-action best action
3/31/2011 European stocks
3/26/2011 Barron’s (print edition) Madness all Month
3/23/2011 Retail roars
3/22/2011 Japan effects
2/9/2011 MarketWatch / Birmingham Star Dow extends rally to 8 days
1/31/2011 CNN Egypt disrupts market
1/23/2011 Andrew Leckey column Value in Consumer Staples
11/28/2010 Andrew Leckey column Fed’s impact on sectors
11/22/2010 CBS MarketWatch Euro debt woes resurface
09/23/2010 MSN Money Techs drag down stocks
08/13/2010 Financial Advisor Magazine Retail investors on the sidelines
08/11/2010 CNN Fed ate my savings
07/18/2010 Andrew Leckey column Individual stock risk
06/28/2010 Reuters BP CEO on hot seat
06/25/2010 Reuters Oracle earnings
06/24/2010 Dow Jones Newswires BP stock drop
06/16/2010 Reuters BP/oil spill
06/09/2010 Reuters Bernanke testimony
05/20/2010 Reuters Markets weaken, correct
05/20/2010 CBS MarketWatch Europe, economy stumble
05/03/2010 CBS MarketWatch United Airlines merger
04/29/2010 Reuters Fed / Greece debt
04/22/2010 CNN Money Earnings: Tech stocks
04/15/2010 Wall Street Journal and CBS MarketWatch 19-month high
03/14/2010 Richmond Times-Dispatch Europe weakness
02/25/2010 CNN Money Health Care
01/17/2010 St. Louis Post Dispatch How to invest during slide: Experts discuss their calls
01/13/2010 Chicago Tribune ‘New Normal’ means same old misery for those out of work
01/13/2010 CBS MarketWatch U.S. stock market on uncertain footing when it comes to tech
12/29/2009 The Street Winning Streak Ends
10/23/2012 Wall Street Journal Radio Morning Market Update
8/9/2012 audio RTT News Stocks due for a break?
7/18/2012 link CBS MarketWatch and WBBM Radio AM 780 Summer trading looks choppy
7/9/2012 Dow Jones Radio Daily Market Update
5/29/2012 audio RTT News End of May brings relief
5/24/2012 link CBS Market Watch and WBBM 780 AM Radio Europe weighs on stocks
2/28/2012 audio RTT News Economy driving gains
1/27/2012 link CBS Market Watch and WBBM 780 AM Radio Europe risks lessen
1/12/2012 link CBS Market Watch and WBBM 780 AM Radio January rally bodes well
10/12/2011 Dow Jones Radio Intra-Day Market Update
9/29/2011 audio RTT News 4th Qtr Outlook
9/14/2011 Dow Jones Radio Morning Market Update
8/29/2011 Dow Jones Radio Morning Market Update
8/1/2011 Dow Jones Radio Intra-Day Market Update
7/18/2011 link CBS MarketWatch and WBBM 780 AM Radio Euro/U.S. debt worries
7/14/2011 Dow Jones Radio Intra-Day Market Update
6/17/2011 audio RTT News Stocks start to recover
6/13/2011 link MarketWatch Stocks’ Summer Slump
3/21/2011 link MarketWatch Ticking time bombs
1/06/2011 link CBS MarketWatch and WBBM 780 AM Radio 2011 Outlook
12/21/2010 audio RTT News Holiday Cheer
11/22/2010 link CBS MarketWatch and WBBM 780 AM Radio No luck for Irish
9/9/2010 audio RTT News Fall Forecast
8/23/2010 link CBS MarketWatch and WBBM 780 AM Radio Economy vs. M&A
7/07/2010 video Fox Business Doubting the Double Dip
5/19/2010 link CBS MarketWatch and WBBM 780 AM Radio Market correction
4/23/2010 audio RTT News Greece bailout
4/6/2010 link CBS MarketWatch and WBBM 780 AM Radio Boring Stock Market can be Exciting
RTT News All eyes on Friday’s jobs report
2/22/2010 video Fox Business Uncertainty Spooking Markets
01/12/2010 link CBS MarketWatch and WBBM 780AM radio Kicking the can with Andrew O’ Day