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The different ways we can help you manage your investments.

Pre Retirement Planning

As you near retirement, somewhere within 3 years, planning for the life change from working for income to collecting an income has special problems, opportunities, and concerns. Tax issues, medical insurance, reallocation of investments and many others need to be addressed. Are you prepared? Ask us

Retirement Planning

Planning for retirement is a life long process, the sooner the better. Reaching retirement or a better word, financial independence, depends on many factors. Simply, one can compromise now (save money), compromise later (out of necessity), make your money work harder (investment risk), or work longer. Your situation is somewhere in a combination of these four approaches. Your resources, goals and disciplines will determine which one. Can we can help you get to retirement? Ask us

College Planning / 529

This is one of the single greatest expenses most families will make. The good news is there are now many opportunities to help that did not exist even a few years ago. What am I up against? What will it cost? Where will my child go to college? What are the new plans and how do I take advantage of them? All these are common questions. Let us help. Ask us

Estate Planning

With home values soaring, money in 401k’s, and the good fortune of the markets and the old adage that the only thing certain in life is death and taxes, estate planning has become more necessary, particularly with the changes coming in 2010, for anyone who has assets or children or both. What you do with your estate involves important decisions that affect many people. Who will raise the children? Will all assets go where you want them? Will the government become an unintended beneficiary of your life’s work and accumulation? Ask us

Divorce Planning

Never a pleasant topic, but without proper planning can be disastrous to your financial life. The radical change in your life will require you to review all your priorities. How do you discover hidden assets prior to the settlement? How should you restructure your assets based upon the settlement? Setting up a new household and preparing for a new tax status pose a variety of concerns that will need to be discussed and informed decisions made. We have extensive experience in dealing with these issues at a very emotionally difficult time. We can help. Ask us

Insurance Planning

Ten to fourteen percent of every dollar earned pays for all of your insurance. Life, Disability, Long Term Care, Home and Auto, Medical, and Liability. Are you properly covered for the lowest possible cost? Is the coverage you carry appropriate for you? What other alternatives are there? With thousands of companies offering what appears to be the same products how can you tell if what your paying for is doing what you think it is? We can help. Ask us

Budget and Cash Flow

These are two of the most necessary yet disliked concepts in our financial vocabulary. Do you know where your money is going? Are you making good spending choices? Are you putting enough money into saving and investments to achieve your financial goals? What are the strategies to make better use of what you earned? These are the questions that budget and cash flow analysis provides. We can help you answer the question of where it all went. Ask us

Tax Efficiency

23 to 49% of what you earn goes to pay all the various taxes: income, social security, medicare, state and local, sales, and estate taxes. With this much of your income under assault, tax planning and tax efficiency planning is a major component that will make the difference in helping you to achieve financial independence. Through our staff and carefully selected affiliate professionals we can help you get the tax help you need depending on your situation. Ask us

Objective Specific Planning

This could be a disabled child’s special need. How about the simple dream of a vacation home? Whatever the planning need we will strive to answer your question or solve your problem where ever possible. Ask us